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Cold Runner Mold

Richfields Corporation has both the skill and experience in producing plastic parts using cold runner molds. Cold Runner Molds has been used in the plastic industry for a long time now. They are typically less complicated to work with.
Cold runner molds usually uses more material during production, though. This is because in every molding cycle, a plastic part and a runner is produced.
The runner is made of excess plastic material present in every shot. The excess material is removed and may be disposed of or reprocessed. Consequently, the processing time is usually longer. There are also side effects to using reprocessed plastic materials.
The use of cold runner molds is still common in the plastic industry despite possible disadvantages mentioned above. That is because:
  • Changing color of plastic material is usually easier with cold runner molds.
  • Cold Runner Molds provides more cost savings in mold maintenance as well mold production.
  • Designs of cold runner molds are less complicated.
  • It is relatively easier to operate with cold runner molds.
Contact Us today and Richfields will be glad to give you a free assessment of your project and provide suggestion whether a cold runner mold is the most suitable for your product!
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