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FAQs For Plastic Tool & Mold Manufacturing

  1. Do you export tools?
  2. How much does a tool cost?
  3. Where will my tools be produced?
  4. What is a multi-cavity tool?
  5. Do you provide prototype?
  6. What is insert molding?
1 Do you export tools?
Yes! 80% of Richfields tools are made for export to US, Germany, Brazil, France, Italy, Taiwan, and Japan. We can also provide you our export client references, please contact us at ckho@richfieldsplastics.com.
2 How much does a tool cost?
Price of a tool depends on its size and complexity, and is therefore not a fixed amount. Please email to ckho@richfieldsplastics.com 2D or 3D images of your product, and we shall reply to you within 48 hours.
3 Where will my tools be produced?
Richfields has a tool shop and plastic injection facilities located in Tangxia Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China. This makes us very efficient since everything is located under one roof. Faster response and turnaround times are achieved.
4 What is a multi-cavity tool?
A multi-cavity tool means having more than 1 piece of the same part in one shot of the tool. In contrast, a family tool is a tool that contains many different parts in the same tool. To know more, please email us at ckho@richfieldplastics.com.
5 Do you provide prototype?
Yes, we can send to you prototypes of your products prior to building the tool, contact us now for a quote!
6 What is insert molding?
Insert molding is also known as over molding. It is when you put an “insert” in the mold before plastic injection, such that the output is a plastic covering the insert. Just send us your drawings and we’ll let you know if you require insert molding for your products.
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