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Case Study

Increase Production Capacity of Mold used for making Computer Parts

Service: Plastic Mold and Tool Manufacturing
Customer: Producer of Computer Products from Taiwan
Product Description: Drive Bay Cover of Computer CPU front panel
Type of Material Used: HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene)
Problem Background: Customer wants to increase the number of pieces produced in one day from 4,000 pieces to 8,000 pieces, in order to increase the productivity of their mold. This mold was manufactured by a company other than Richfields. Initially, the customer wanted us to make a new mold for them to increase the production output of their existing mold.
Process / Solution: Richfields offered to take a look first at customer's existing mold. Upon evaluation of the existing mold, we noticed that the mold design is not very reasonable. But in order to save on the cost of having to make a brand new mold, we decided to modify the existing tool instead. This way, customer is also able to save on part price.
Following were done to re-design the mold:
  1. Cooling system of the mold was re-designed,
  2. Gate system of the mold was also re-designed,
  3. Richfields’ faster injection machines were used in making the computer parts
  4. The injection machine’s injection parameters were adjusted
The requirement of 8,000 pieces of production per day was achieved mainly due to the technical expertise of our engineering staff and injection molding experience of our factory employees. Not only was the required quantity achieved, the 4 steps mentioned above let Richfields manufacture the plastic computer parts without the following problems: deformed plastic parts, plastic parts not filling properly, or plastic parts not filling well
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