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Plastic Injection Molding

Richfields Plastics is a Plastic injection company located in China. Our Plastic Injection facilities is equipped with high technology equipment such Robotic arm, fast cycle injection machines, thin wall injection machine, automatic dispenser of material, centralize cooling system for the molds. Our environment is clean room so that the production will be of the highest quality. At present, We have 22 Plastic injection machines ranging from 90 tons to 450 tons :
Plastic Injection
  • 90 tons – 6 units
  • 150 tons – 5 units
  • 200 tons – 2 units
  • 250 tons – 6 units
  • 250 tons – 1 unit
  • 400 tons – 1 unit
  • 450 tons – 1 unit
Our Plastic injection factory produces high precision and high quality plastic parts, we can manage tight tolerance, high cosmetic requirement, but in a reasonable pricing.
At present, we are making plastic cases for the following industries :
  • Electronic Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Household and Houseware
  • Computer Industry
  • Caps Industry
For a complete list of industries served, please see our Industries page
Our Plastic injection factory is ISO CERTIFIED, this make sure that our quality process follows an international standard that guarantees your quality for all the plastic parts made in our factory. We have a complete Quality System and Quality Manual as required by ISO9001. All of our quality process and production process are fully documented to make sure that traceability is properly managed. We have done 5S very successful as we are able to make our injection molding area clean and orderly. In our actual injection production, we have all the working manuals, working instruction, safety procedures and injection parameter records all placed properly on every injection machines – this make sure that any operator that works on such machine will have full idea and full knowledge of the plastic parts that they are producing.
We also make sure that all of the plastic material we used for our injection molding process are all ROHS compliant. This make sure that all the plastic material used are environmental friendly and is safe to use. Every material that is delivered to our Plastic injection factory undergoes material check that shows the result if it passes ROHS requirement, every supplier of material are also required to send us material certificate to make sure it complies with all the environmental laws. In return, we also send all the material certificate, MSDS, ROHS certificate and Certificate of Compliance to our customer during sampling and during actual deliveries. ;For plastic that will be used in food industry, we will help you select material that will pass FDA standard, this also make sure that the plastic you received from us are safe to use.
If you are looking for a Plastic injection factory for your plastic needs in China, we are the best solution for your need. With our knowledge on production, plus the management system we have ( ISO Certified ) and also with the advantage of being located in China to provide you the most competitive cost, we are highly confident we can be a solution to your plastic need.
Some of our Plastic Injection Molding Equipment includes:
Plastic Injection molding Equipment Quantity Platen Size
450 Ton Plastic Injection molding Machine 2 units (760 mm x 760 mm)
300 Ton Plastic Injection molding Machine 6 units (550 mm x 550 mm)
250 Ton Plastic Injection molding Machine 2 units (500 mm x 500 mm)
200 Ton Plastic Injection molding Machine 2 units (450 mm x 450 mm)
150 Ton Plastic Injection molding Machine 5 units (430 mm x 430 mm)
100 Ton Plastic Injection molding Machine 5 units (350 mm x 350 mm)
Mold Cooler 12 units  
Mold Heater 12 units  
Oil Heater 2 units  
Resin Grinder 4 units  
Resin Mixer 4 units  
Hot Runner Controller 6 units  
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Richfields not only excels in quality and service but also sets itself apart as a leading plastic injection molding manufacturer in China because it is able to manufacture its own tools and run them. This allows for continuity in supply chain because Richfields will warranty the tools it produces and runs on its plastic injection molding machines. This allows the customer to focus on more important issues than getting entangled in warranty disputes between mold makers and plastic injection molding facilities. Utilizing one source for plastic injection molding and tooling eliminates many potential and hidden problems.
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