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(24 Hour Messaging Service)


Here is the Certificate of Excellence from one of our clients.
Hello Carter,

Your 4 mold design layouts F123, F0126, F0127, F0129 are now all 100% approved for production.

Thank you for your considerable efforts to resolve all design questions and revisions, Carter. Congratulations! Please give my deepest appreciation to your engineering staff too.

Thank you very much. Job well done.
With best regards,
C. W., Chief Designer of Projects
Construction Tools for Industrial and Household use
Russia (Saint Petersburg)

As you know I’m new to L**** but have been working in manufacturing for over 30 years (yes I’m old) in all of my years working with suppliers I have never worked with someone as helpful as you. Your attention to detail has been outstanding, you and your company are valued resource to L****, thank you for your assistance.

D. P.
Products for mobile workspace
USA (Warminster PA)

The first boxes just arrived, and I have assembled some of them.
They look great!

Thank you for all your hard work helping us to get this done so quickly. Your excellent project management was hugely important to our success.

Best Regards!
J. S., Engineering Director
Products for mobile workspace
USA (Warminster PA)
Sounds good, I will let you know too!!! Thank you for all your hard work and being the best Tool maker to do business with!!!! YOu are by far my favorite to deal with, just so you know!!!!!!!

Hi Carter,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your responsiveness and diligence in getting this work done. I am looking forward to doing more productive work with you.

Best regards,
S. O.
Patent Agency
USA (Poughkeepsie NY)
“Thank you for being such a great host … You are by far the best host I’ve ever had in Asia and I hope to visit again.”

“Working onsite at Richfields with Carter and his engineers was very productive and a great experience. Tool modifications at Richfields were fast and efficient .”

“My time working with you has been very rewarding on a business and personal level. Your commitment to our products has been appreciated throughout the company and I’m sure it will result in continued opportunities and successes.

T. H.
Electronic Products for Household and Commercial Use
USA (Austin TX)
Hi Carter,

I just received the CNC Parts. They look very nice. You guys really do nice work. Thank you.

C. S.
USA (Austin, TX)

Dear Mr. Carter,

I reveived this prototype, congratulation, is perfect, the quality and resistence are impressive, the excelent prototype, the best I see in my life.

I intend to make prototype in China for all the products that I am will making Design.

A. C.
Product Designer

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